You have a dilemma about decorating your living or office space? Let yourself to highly professional Prezident team who will recognize your wishes and turn them into reality! Our team will make a unique solution for each individual, based on your wishes, requests, style, standards and budget!

From the very beginning, our vision was based only on one thing... A SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Guided by this principle, we are able to respond to different types of requirements when it comes to construction, design, dimensions and shape.

There is two decades long experience behind us, regarding the design and construction of commercial-residential buildings, as well as creating a visual identity of numerous spaces.



Modern note

BEST WESTERN Prezident Hotel *****, Novi Sad – Unique ambiance of Prezident Hotel justifies and exceeds the rank of highest category! Contemporary interior characterized predominantly by straight lines follows the latest world trends and respects all principles of modern architecture. The style of the Hotel is a consequence of severe requirements imposed by international brand Best Western, the largest and oldest hotel chain in the world! Strictly respecting the rules that this global brand requires, BEST WESTERN Prezident ***** stands out in a wide range as the first and only chain hotel in Novi Sad!

Baroque note

Premier Prezident Hotel*****, Sremski Karlovci - The interior of this timeless space leaves every visitor breathless. The Hotel of the highest category found his architectural purpose and inspiration in the magnificent Versailles and baroque period. Complete Baroque interior is designed in the Baroque style, and the requirements for development of the same were very ambitious. Completely credible space characterized by the motives featuring great Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, take you back to the distant past and the history that marked the humanity, at least for a moment!

We are here to revive the history!

Rustic note

The Villa Prezident, Sremski Karlovci**** - stone, wood, playful fire and peaceful rooms tucked in a cozy ambience are perfectly matched with the authentic local cuisine and wine that excites all senses! This building is designed in ethnic style and is a fantastic idea for an escape from everyday life. Taking into account all the well-known principles when it comes to rustic ambience, the Villa is equipped in such a manner it became a synonym for comfort and pleasant atmosphere. It is an ideal example for all those who want to seriously deal with catering industry. A special emphasis is placed on wine cellar, which retained its original look as desired by owner, but our team had a couple of ideas so the space is enriched and brought to perfection.

Living space and business premises

When it comes to residential or commercial space, we successfully respond to the most complex requirements of our clients! If you don’t have the idea, we will create the ideal conceptual solution for you, and for those who know what they want we are here to make your dreams into reality!

We approach to interior designing and decorating with the utmost attention, taking care of every piece of furniture, to make it fit into the space where you will enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Starting from the rough work in your apartment to the finest processes and its furnishing, Prezident Team always offers you the best option.